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Introducing the Juneteenth 1865 Art Coloring Book! Perfect for all ages, this amazing 24-page book in print showcases original AI artwork by the talented Texas-based artist DIONN. Each piece of original art beautifully depicts a unique story and honors the emancipation of African Americans in Texas on June 19, 1865. Get your copy today or gift it to your loved ones! 

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 Book In Print Value: $35.80

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Book Details: 24 pages, original artwork, order print or pdf., published 6/22/2024 

Designed & Published by Soulful Sketches Press

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The Art of African American Vintage Genealogy, by kYmberly Keeton, is a comprehensive e-book that is a road map designated in four phases including Intro to Databases, Military Records, The Freedmen's Bureau, and Maps, Books, Newspapers, and Rare Documents. Become immersed in your Black History! 

This e-book is designed to help you curate your family history using the records you have archived or documented. Individuals from any level of expertise, whether novice, intermediate, or skilled, can make use of the resources provided by the author.

 Learn how to search for your family history in four phases. 

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The Art of African American Genealogy
Designed & Published by Black Lotus Press

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Searching For Family Imprints: Identify, Select, Evaluate, Use and Preserve Your African American History

Developed from a workshop series by AA Vintage Genealogy, this guide covers basic online genealogy tools, how to use genealogy databases, and more. It is suitable for novice, intermediate, and skilled genealogy enthusiasts. 

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 vintage black genealogy
Designed & Published by Black Lotus Press