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All genealogy services require a 60-minute consultation, except for notary services.

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Embark on your genealogical journey with a 60-minute consultation with our genealogy curator. Discover the advantages of having your family history curated during this session. If you're eager to explore your family's past but require guidance or support, our experienced genealogy curator is ready to assist you. Whether you need help getting started, overcoming challenges, or creating a personalized genealogy curation, we're here for you. 

Family Genealogy Curation

Invest in a personalized genealogy curation project to meet your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you uncover and preserve your family history. Our expert guidance will inspire you to delve deeper into your genealogical research. Schedule a meeting with our genealogy curator to explore how technology can enhance your family history documentation. Let us assist you in discovering your ancestors! 

Community Engagement

AAVG provides outstanding community services to a range of organizations, including libraries, history centers, museums, family reunions, and non-profit, and corporate groups. Our services include guest speaking, in-person and virtual presentations, and workshops. Contact us now to avail of these exceptional services. Our pricing is customized to meet your specific requirements, including travel expenses. 

Virtual & In-Person Workshops

AAVG offers a variety of virtual and in-person workshops and events for the general public. Stay informed about our monthly, quarterly, and yearly events. All events are either free or available for a nominal fee. We welcome genealogy enthusiasts of all levels, whether novice, intermediate, or skilled. 

Certified Notary Services

DRIED INK NOTARY PUBLIC, our subsidiary company based in Texas, offers genealogical notary services that cover the reading of wills, and estate documents. All notary requests require a (30-minute) consultation with our certified notary. Note prices may differ depending on the document type and whether clients opt for mobile or virtual services. Rely on us for trustworthy notarization genealogical services. Inquire About Services